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Tang Nano 9K

Tang Nano 9K

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The Tang Nano 9K is the most powerful development board by Sipeed in the Gowin GW1NR series.

This board contains:

  • 8,640 logical units (LUTs)
  • 6,480 flip-flop
  • 17,280 bits shadow SRAM (SSRAM)
  • 486 Kbit block SRAM (BSRAM)
  • 64 Mbit PSRAM
  • 608 Kbit user flash
  • 2x PLL
  • 45 General purpose I/O available through 2x24 pin headers
  • USB Type-C port for power and JTAG programming
  • On-board BL702 USB-JTAG and USB-UART for debugging
  • 32Mbit SPI flash storage
  • Micro SD card slot
  • HDMI and Screen Connector
  • 6x User LED, 2x user buttons

This board is supported by open-source toolchains using the Apicula Project with yosys and nextpnr.

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